Kevin with F250

Tuktoyaktuk and a New Vehicle

Kevin Talking

 (Above Photo by Vanessa Lin)

Epic Dark Skies has begun planning our most ambitious trip yet. A trip way into the arctic, to Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories, Canada. This trip pushes the bounds of what we have done to a whole new level. Temperature extremes that rival the minimum summit temperatures on Mount Everest, enough distance to drive Los Angeles to New York round trip and then 60% of the way again,  more than 200 miles to the closest hospital are just some of the problems we will be facing. Our Dodge Ram really is a go anywhere kind of vehicle, but no matter how we planned the trip, we could not find a good, safe way to plan it. We were going to have to find a second vehicle.

Dodge Alone

In order to choose a vehicle that will be adequate, we first needed to consider what we need the vehicle to be able to accomplish. Since we will be traveling in the winter, it is reasonable to expect we may encounter snow drifts, and thus requires a vehicle in the same weight class as a 3/4 ton truck. The Ram 2500 weighs between 8000-8800 lbs when loaded for a trip, or roughly twice what a normal road car weighs. We also needed a vehicle that could reasonably carry it’s own spare equipment for a 7500+ mile trip as well as additional room for gear. Diesel engines don’t perform very well in the cold arctic temperatures, ruling those out.

After considering various vehicles, from Range Rovers to Jeep Cherokees, we finally found this:

Ford F250 Alone

A beautifully built F250 Super Duty, already well planned out for off-road adventure. Features like a built in winch, towing attach points, locker, 8 inch lift, and 40″ tires should prove to be extremely useful. The previous owner, Rudy at RudeDogII,  had even created a spare tire rack for the rear of the truck!

Kevin Tailgate

(Above Photo by Vanessa Lin)

Now that we have the vehicles, we will be working hard to plan the intricacies of such a large trip. There is still a long list of tasks to complete, but we are definitely one giant step closer!

keving at night truck