lori holding painting

Shooting a Slightly Different Kind of Time-Lapse

Being a photographer and videographer means that, occasionally, I get to meet some very exceptional artists. Lori Gilbert, from her self-titled company Lori Gilbert Art, is one such person.

(Pictured Above: Lori Gilbert places microphone for her interview)


Recently, she was featured on the Thread Sense blog, in which they really captured her enthusiasm and passion for her work. A few months back she had expressed an interest in doing time lapse videos for her painting projects as a way to share her process of creation. Being that I had done several time-lapses in the past, I offered to give some pointers on different techniques to use for different feels in the videos. Sometime later I got a phone call from Lori taking me up on the offer, and after some discussion, I agreed to come and shoot a time-lapse of her painting.  The subject of her painting is a classic ad from 1979, affectionately known by many as the “Chair Man”, in which a man is being blown away by the sound from his Maxell tape player.


Many days of painting and nearly 40 hours of editing later, the video is complete!



Feel free to like her facebook page, like the video, or even support her by commissioning a painting! Earlier that month we also compiled a video of test shots of Lori painting a very moving piece entitled “American Hero” in preparation of this video.  Check it out!